Stag do’s and Cider chat

I now have four days off work, a long weekend if you will and I am just about to go get ready as I am heading down to Liverpool for a few days of drunken debauchery down in Liverpool for a mates stag.  getting picked up the back of ten to make the train at Glasgow central at noon, havent been on a train travelling far for ages so sort of looking forward to it.

To my knowledge nothing has been planned for the groom but then I could be wrong and get down here and he is tied to a lampost naked both nights or gets his eyebrows shaved off or maybe gets stwoed away on a boat heading out of the docks for shits and giggles. He will have his bank card so will find his own way home from whatever destination he finds himself in. To be honest I will be steering clear of any of those types of hijinks as I am getting married next winter and so my stag will be sometime next year, if I am involved in the ramping up of pranks then what happens when its my turn. I wouldnt like to see what the idea is that is more outrageous than sending him off to another country to find his own way back.

After I have been married though i will get the creative juices working and help devise ways to use and abuse the groom on stags thereon in i think.

Have only been to Liverpool a few times and only for the day. First time I went, with the girl, I knew i wanted a drink in The Cavern Bar where The Beatles played so managed that feat only to find out once I had done it that we drunk in the new Cavern Bar and the restored (I think) one was just down the road. Got the customary pictures taken in front of the sign though. Saw Anfield too, though never saw the pitch. does that really count as seeing it? Its a football grond afterall, surely seeing the place where the football is played is intrisic to that statement. Though i have also claim to have seen Goodison, The Stade de France and US Cellular Field and I saw all those from the other side of glass as I drove by in a car so the fact that I walked around and went in the Museam at Anfield must count for something.

Been working on my scouse accent a bit so i can blend in. i have decided that its the things you dont say that help sell an accent, its not the words but the bits between. the erms and ehs. Think i have got it down, its more Stevie G than the three scousers from Harry Enfield. If I was Willie Hill though, and i’m not, I would be odds on that some one says “calm down, calm down” before the train even leaves Glasgow. Its a guarantee!

Should be a good weekend though, not been on a Stag for a few years now, they follow a similar story though, drinking and telling the same old stories from bygone days that have been told a million times. Im sure I will get dug up about taking the huff playing poker about five years ago. I am also sure I will get dug up about something far more recent too but dont want to tempt fate about it just yet. Will explain all another day depending on the scale of the verbal attack I take. (or dont take, fingers crossed)

I have been offered the chance to buy into a carry out but i think I will pass, I will go seek out my own alcoholic sustinance I think. Buckfast and Mad Dog are definately out, however a ole timey classic bottle of Gold Label Merrydown may well be on the cards. I am of the opinion that the more cider you drink in your life, different cider that is, the more you realise that Stringbow is the uncatchable leader and for my money Merrydown finds itself at number two in the list. Blackthorn isnt very nice, Magners is alright but you cant take too much as its so sweet and some of the others that have rocked onto the market are rotten. Gaymers for example. I remember when i first started going out to pubs that if you bought a pint of cider (always the cheapo option) you were castigated as a jakey bastard as it was only the tramps and dossers that drunk that in the run down pubs in the town. Now its super trendy to drink cider, over ice no less.

How times have changed.

So high probability on the Merrydown and also high probablity on lager as im enjoying my beer these days. Need something to line the stomach as I have a feeling it will be jaiger bomb central for a few days.

Let the carnage commence.


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