Minor Facebook Irritations

Why when people are facebook “raped” the rapist always alleges that they are gay and love sucking dick and such obvious “hilarity”. Wheres the fun in that? Its so bloody obvious, why not be a little creative in you’re social networking assault becuase no one and I mean no one ever believes the shite thats spouted.

If i read that someone I (usually barely) know “likes sticking bananas up his arse” i instantly think no he doesnt and some half arsed joker has zero imagination and the rapee has left his phone sitting like a plum.

Would it not be better if you left a post saying that the victim was considering a new haircut, maybe something along the lines of Edward Furlong from T2: Judgement Day or Tim Lovejoy on Something for the Weekend, then stick a “what you guys think?” at the end of it for good measure. That subconsciously would stick a homo erotic vibe into the readers head about the sexual preference of the supposed writer. Would it not? Or what about writing that they think that Alan Carr and him would get on really really well if they were friends. Same idea about planting a wee inkling of an idea in the readers mind. The kind of idea that might not even be excised by a complete denial and claim of facebook rape.

So if your in the habit of doing this, then ditch the “i think cock tastes like chicken in pepper sauce” type of jobes and use your initiative to subliminally convince a facebookers readership that all might not be right. Just a thought.

PS. This advice doesnt work for girls, girls falsely claiming to be a rug muncher is awesome.



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