Nick Tilsley Platt

I was born the same year as this Coronation Street character, I know this cos i just checked on wikipedia. The reason i checked is becuase i saw Corrie the other night and this old guy was staying in Gails house and i found out that it was the latest (non Adam Rickett) version of the character.

I always felt i remembered him being born and that he seemed to have accelerated past me in age at an awful rate so while its not that bad, it is clear that there is no way in fuck anyone is believeing that that fella playing him now is supposed to be 29! So he might not have grown up at quite the rate i thought but he still has picked up at least 5 years over my life time.

The new guy was born in 1972, he is nearly 40 and were supposed to believe he is in the height of his youth, in his prime if you will like me at a still young 29? Or are the makers of the soap just thinking fuck it, what idiot would look into how old he is and how old he looks, lets just get Nick back on the street, folks will be too busy talking about Adam Rickett and wondering if he still fancies fellas to wonder why he is so bloody old.

Or maybe all this happened in December when he came back into the show and cos i only noticed he was back last week then im so far off the pace its frightening. Well not frightening.

But seriously, Nicky Platt has got really really fucking old.


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