Dead Wasps

I have found three dead wasps in my house in the past week and a half. Three! Adding to the bizzare nature of that fact is that i have found them all separately but all in the exact same spot; at the foot of my bed.

Now this begs a few questions. Where are they coming from? And by that im not implyin that there is a nest close by, actually maybe there is and i just havent seen it, hope not. Fuck what if there is a nest in my wee loft type thing? I have some stuff up there which will be coming with me when i flit in a few weeks, the mere thought off pushing up the hatch and seeing thousands of wasps buzzing around (maybe creating a shrine to me like the alien ant type things in an episode of outer limits i watched back in the 90s) freaks me out a little. So much so maybe sleeping isnt an option right now.

Also, why are they dying? I mean, the last one was buzzing around in the morning before i left for work and i tried to kill it shoo it out the door with me, but it remained out my reach so i ultimately thought, fuck it, deal with it later. Then when i come back itsying motionless in whats now known as the dead zone. It was almost pretty, and had i thought id have written this i would have taken a photo. Its wings were spread and everything like itsbeen flying and its wee tiny ticker has given out, tho do wasps have hearts?

I picked it up with a bit of paper too in case the sting was still in it, (thats another myth (or truth) that you hear in your youth and sticks with you) and popped it in the bin. Can this get me an asbo? Would the rspca have something to say about it beinaid to rest beside discarded cheese slice wrappings and a bit of mouldy bread?

So many questions surrounding one, actually s i said before, three (semi) isolated incidents. But one still remains. If a day spent hanging about my house results in sudden death, why have i survived?

Its been suggested in invincible, i tend to agree.


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