Double Deckers and Biscuit Boosts

Today i was dismayed to find that you cant get a regualr sized “classic” chocolate bar for less than 50p in shops. Of course i have known that it hasnt been possible for ages but today it really hit home for some reason. I went into the Spar on my way home from work and purchased a Double Decker and a big packet of snowball cadbury things (that were fast approaching out of date and were reduced accordingly) for £1.15. Those balls things, which are rather tasty i must add, were down to 50p (from what i dont know as it failed to give the orginal price, probably more than a quid) so my DD was 65p. Now its been 12 years since i left the school but by my grasp of simple mathematics thats 15p over the magic 50p and, oddly enough, 16p over being acceptable. Surely i cant be the only person who see that as being wrong. Am I?

Why is a Mars Bar not still 35p it should be. It should always be 35p. Why is a Frys Turkish Delight dearer than anything else? Its fucking tiny! Even going down the size scale and you look at your chomps and freddos, they are 17p. 17p is a bloody outrage. I wish i knew what all this means in realtion to the rate of inflation and such things, but i dont so i will simply speculate and say that its disgraceful that essential items such as post work Snickers cannot be bought with room to spare with the change left over from the quid you lifted on your way out the door to buy the morning paper.

This ridiculous pricing is in truth an act of tyrany, affecting the mood of the nation and keeping us down due to our inability to afford a bit of chocolate when we need a wee sugar boost. Because of this i think maybe its time to start the ball rolling on some sort of uprising against such confectionary based oppression much like an arab state in these times and fight the power who denies us the ability to buy both a decent paper and a sweetie on the same day safe in the knowledge it wont burst a gold coin.

So thats where i am, rise up and kick start the revolution off the back of offensive pricing of our chunky Kit Kits? Or maybe i just die a little inside and buy the cheap Daily Star. Its going to be a tough decision.


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