Far Too Long..

Holy shit, it has the beginning of March when i last posted on this.

Since then i have done a whole load of interesting stuff, amongst which include: 2 haircuts, actually it might have only been one, read a book, bought a tshirt with Jack Kerouac written on it. Got my first ever pair of converse trainers which i kind of think may be my last as they seem very narrow and it would appear i have broad feet. Went off roading in a land rover, drove my own shit heap motor to Biggar and back and then T in the Park and back (didnt actually go to titp though)

I also did two gigs at The Red Raw night at The Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow which both went really well, myself and my good lady booked our honeymoon in Cuba aaaaaaand i turned 30.

I know, hard to believe the fella in the photos and that is now 30.

Heres a wee photo of my cake which was brilliant.


Now here is the promise to update more……..

We will see how it lasts.


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