This Past Weekend


Or should that read, a couple of weekends ago, my habit of taking ages to finish things and such has meant that this blog post has been so long in the making that it has rendered its title obsolete, however instead of changing it i thought i would add this wee disclaimer and tell you that it was the weekend starting Friday the 12th im speaking of and it all started at 5.15 watching Pointless.

Pointless is my current favourite tv show, what a concept, get the answer right but the most obscure right answer, for a arrogant smart arse like me its like crack, cant get enough of it and back on Tuesday 12th of July I managed my first pointless answer. Kevin Spacey films was the question and I plucked Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil from the deepest recesses of my mind and it was right. That night I went on to have a storming gig at The Stand in Glasgow (the second of my two Red Raw gigs I applied for back in December) so it appeared a good omen when I secured my second career pointless answer on the afternoon of the night I was due to take the stage and perform my first hometown gig.

Steve Martin films this time around and I got Novocaine, never seen it actually. I also chose as my three I would have used had I been on the gameshow, Mixed Nuts and My Blue Heaven, which I thought were fucking brilliant shouts too but werent mentioned. It bugs me when they dont tell you if your picks are close or not. I am also a bit pissed off that I keep getting told I look like the answer corner guy. Anyone with dark hair and specs appears to be doppelgangers of yours truely.

But I digress into pointless showing off (see what I did there) and petty moaning. I should be writing about the happy coincidence of two right answers resulting in two top gigs.

Because the gig last Friday was just that.

A fundraiser gig with four good pro Scottish comics and me in there with a wee open spot was always going to make me nervous, the fact it was in Kilmarnock, my home town simply ramped that up again. Never played Killie before and on top of the good folks; family and friends who have seen me in Glasgow or Paisley there was a whole bunch of people potentially there who wouldnt have known I dabble a bit in the field and might have been surprised.

My fear is always, what if your shit. How do you deal with being shit? The prospect of a ton of folk who didnt know you were wanting to do stand up and see you suck and can tell you about how shit you were frightens me. However no need to worry about that that night as I was fucking brilliant.

And there wasnt that many people there that knew me. Ha.

Ok, I exagerate, I wasnt fucking brilliant. Or maybe I was, I dont know, self evaluation is very difficult. I do know that many people said many kind things, both to me in person and also through the wonderful internet. It is always humbling to be praised and I guess I should thank everyone again here as well as The Killie Trust who gave me the gig and trusted me not to fuck it up. Thank you.

Here is a photo of my cheat sheet which highlights the key parts of my show, those being facebook, Hollyoaks, the Scheme and fucking Seagulls. Pretty much par for the course in my life.


The next day I helped a friend build his house, then watched amateur football before drinking beer and laughing at Joey Bartons Norman Wisdom haircut. Sunday saw me do some overtime and watch Killie destroy Hibs at Rugby Park. All in all, quite the weekend.

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