A Frustrating Likeness


So, this is me as drawn by a fella I worked with before he got a better job and fucked off, sadly not to a job as a drawer of some sort (drawer? Pathetic vocabulary) as his talent is there to see, rather to be a leader of men, or assistant to a leader. Or a driver maybe, I dont know, cant really remember he left a while ago and its only now I decide to write about it.

So, Wheres Wally, eh? I guess it was inevitable really, I have already had years of Harry Potter, not quite as long as McLovin out of Superbad and tv documentary guy Louis Thereoux, a short while as the guy from the Inbetweeners and recently a few months of the guy with the answers off Pointless. Anyone spot the common denominator? Some may argue a deceptively handsome streak reeking intelligence and individual style coupled with dark, mysterious features that links them all. Most however would point out that they all wear specs and guess what, I wear specs. How lazy.

I think the most annoying thing about it is that its pretty much spot on, long face, shite facial hair, crap head hair, big specs…i could go on.

But I like it, it makes me laugh, might get it framed.

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