A Diary in 53 Parts: part 2: Week 1

Where I kick started the new year by buying a fridge and painting my Conservatory.

So here we are, first week and already this is a day late. Promised on a Sunday here it is on Tuesday. Not surprised in all honesty.

Sunday 1st Jan.

woke up around noon with an awful hangover, got to bed about 5am after a cracking night in my front room which included booming out Black Laces greatest hits for the whole neighbourhood to hear. The conga in the street wasnt really necessary but at the same time a highlight. However that was last year, back in this new one, wished my mum and dad happy new year when they visited before we hosted Natalies family for New Years dinner. Managed a few beers over my throat as well as a whisky over the course of the evening.

Monday 2nd.

Miserable day at Rugby Park made all the better by Danny Racchi scoring the goal of the season (or at least the goal of the year so far) at the opposite end in the last minute. Looked good at the time and my girly yelp of glee proved it for me. However watching the game back on bay bay say alapa (bbc alba) it looked even better from a multitude of angles. Killymarnock as those gaelic commentators say scored a beezer.

Tuesday 3rd.

Showed my Gran our wedding video today, she wasnt there on the day so it was nice for her to see it even if its on the telly. Really like our wedding video, thought i would hate it (in fact i didnt even want it) but its far better than i could ever have hoped. It also clocks in just under 90 minutes which fits my feelings on the length anyone should watch modern Hollywood movies (far too many films last 133minutes i think) so thats good too. Wife chose well. Following that went to a 2 year olds birthday party which was bedlam.

Wednesday 4th.

Back to bloody work.

Thursday 5th.

Bought a fridge freezer today, more on that next week as i merely paid for it however in the shop it seems bloody massive and a huge improvement on the one we use just now. I shouldnt trash it too much, it was me who wanted to keep it when we got offered a swap for a bigger one not long after we moved in, but i got it when i moved out and had some sort of emotional attachement to it. Me and that fridge had been through a lot so we had, from the cheese, butter and two cans of Tennents lager days to the 3 month out of date dairylea in the door days, and not forgetting that day i cleaned it. Memories to cherish. But it really was fit for the Borrowers and the Borrowers only. A bit small. Our new one will be fucking magic. Hundreds of lager and the freezer might even have enough room for a loaf to get frozen. Exciting times ahead. This new bit of our kitchen jigsaw might even see me dodge going the shopping one week an month and that dream makes me do a dance.

Friday 6th.

Done nothing of note at night except wonder why I got to the stage in my life where Friday nights included watching those two wallys Jedward organise weddings on the TV.

Saturday 7th.

Up at half six for a wee half 7 to half 11 overtime shift at work. great decision by me but then, it gets me up and mostly i would just sleep through this time so time and a half wages for time i would have wasted almost seems worth it. It was boring though. once home i watched the Kilmarnock game v Dundee on the TV while painting the inside of my conservatory. At the final whistle the wife ran me down to the bookies while she went for a look around TK Maxx, ordinarily i would have been wise to this but for some reason i let it slide and spent about an hour and a half following her around the shop. My coupon (first of the year) incidentally went the same way as the majority of my coupons in 2011. Down the shitter. At night we ventured up to Glasgow for dinner, a groupon voucher which was due to expire which is a common occurance in our house, to a place called Ocho on the Canal. It was very nice however it was, to all intensive purposes, a cafe. However i like to see folk do well for themselves and the owner/waitress (can only assume she owned) couldnt do enough for you. When back in Killie we went to a friends 30th birthday party in a bowling club. Hadnt been in the bowling club since the same fellas 21st birthday party, was a lot drunker that night and my memory of it somewhat differed from the reality as it was around half the size i thought it was. decent turn out though and a decent laugh. Cake was magic.


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