A Diary in 53 Parts: part 5: Week 4

Where i celebrated Natalies birthday with a day out and watched my football team win at Hampden.

Sunday 22nd January.

More OT this morning, been pretty good with it this year so far. Nothing like last year though as Natalie was throwing out last years calendar and in January when she was taking notes on what i worked and the likes it appears i did Saturdays and Sundays in the same weekend unlike my one or the other style this January. Once home our plan to get up to Ikea straight away didnt come to fruition as instead we lay about and watched TV. Mad Dogs taped from the Thursday before in fact, be nice to keep up with a TV show and watch it in real time (ish) unlike, Boardwalk Empire, Treme and Blue Bloods which are sitting hogging sky+ percentages and have been for a while.

We did get up to Ikea where we were trying to take back broken seats from our table and chairs set we got before last Christmas, it seemed a long shot but worth a go none the less. It worked out well, turns out they have had that item brought back loads so if we bring all the chairs and the table back we will get our dosh back. a brilliant result I think so i had a hot dog and went home and ate the left overs of last nights indian for tea.

Monday 23rd.

Do you know that the toaster at my work makes the BEST slice of toast i think i have ever tasted. Every slice, regardless of make of loaf or cut of bread is sublime. I have found this out as for a wee change to my usual morning roll i take in two slice of bread and a wee tub of butter and this DeLonghi piece of machinery makes half past ten that bit more bearable. it also kicks my shit one at home into touch which seems to dry every bit of bread out, every slice turns out like brittle melba toast.

Now, I am led to beleive that melba toast is bread thats sliced down the middle and toasted so its super thin, now i dont not believe this but at the same time it seems a bit far fetched and i cant get my head around the physics of this and how it doesnt just fall to bits. In short the concept of melba toast is beyond me somehow. I think anyway.

After work i went into town and dashed about getting Birthday presents for my good lady wife who is a year older on Wednesday. In the process i bought myself a bag of custard doughnuts and a Clash CD.

Tuesday 24th.

Its alwasy nice to wake up knowing that even if its just for a day, as this one is, you dont have to get up at this ungodly hour tomorrow. That ungodly hour for me is 6.15.

Which i snooze till 6.45.

At night we head up to The Stand in Glasgow for Red Raw for what is fast becoming a Natalies birthday ritual as i remind her that this is what we did last year too. Saw Billy Kirkwood who compered both times i did Red Raw last year do a actual set which was cool and also Ray Bradshaw who compered The Killie Trust gig i did compered tonight. Its a fair shot in the arm coming up to this and made me pretty much want to get up and do my stuff but like most things in my life, a good kick up the arse is needed.

Wednesday 25th.

Today was my good ladys birthday and as i mentioned we are both off work, it was really because we were fearful we would be late in from comedy club but last night we were in bed for 12 (rock and roll) so getting up wouldnt have been that hard. We had a bit fo a lie in before i got up to go to a meeting about Trust stuff and Natalie went for a haircut. After the meeting i went and got a birthday cake which is a husbands job apparently as you cant buy your own. Guess it make sense. We were babysitting again, day off or no, and for the second time in a week Alladin was on the telly, quite clever that Alladin, hundereds of visual gags and that, very sly.

When the wean went home we cooked our Birthday/Rabbie Burns Day dinner (becuase we are proud Ayrshire folks you know) which was haggis, neeps n tatties. Though for a change we threw it all in a pie, layer of each and covered in pastry, and threw it in the oven. It was absolutely brilliant. Made some pepper sauce for it too. Masterpiece.

If the day had ended there I think we would have been happy, but an email from the wedding photographers that we could go pick up our album somehow improved it. Album is better than we expected. Chuffed.

Thursday 26th.

Back to work today and even though its been fucking baltic in there all week, we get some ten minute cold breaks as well as our regular breaks which make the day go that wee bit better. for lunch i have toast (i reiterate: best toast ever) and ravioli. This ravioli is Morrisons own make onea nd it isnt up to much, edible but crap. How can there be such a difference in tinned ravioli of the 50-70p range from the different supermarkets? Seems odd. None the less it hits the spot. At night we visit Natalies Mum down in Prestwick becuase she has been ill and never got up to see Natalie on her birthday.

Friday 27th.

Played football after work, two weeks in a row and I think we won, tough going and I need to get fit because in two weeks im supposed to be playing 11 a side again with folk from work. Last time we played i was running regular and unmarried so in the midst of getting rid of my chins for photos on wedding day. That day i was out on my feet after about 25 minutes, so dreading this time out. After the football the plan was to get home, have dinner and head out to a mates 30th birthday party. However after a few phone calls it appeared that Natalie had to work late and then as she came out her work the road was closed due to an accident. For about 10 minutes in there i thought i would have to drive through to Uddingston to pick her up. Gladly the police let them out and she got home. We had a quick bag of chips and headed out.

While i waited patiently at home i wrote and posted a blog on here about the Ayrshire derby coming up the day after and it got a ton of hits. Much more than these posts actually. Kept checking the wee stats bit on the wordpress app. Quite nice.

Saturday 28th.

So the day had come, Killie v Ayr United at Hampden in a major semi final. Awoke at around half 7 but managed to stay in bed till 8. Drove down to pub our bus was leaving from at 9ish and had a pint in my hand for twenty to ten. Not the best if I am honest, hit my belly like a ton of bricks.

The pint i had the back of 11 was much better mind you. By now the bus had taken us to the Pollok juniors social club which was pretty much the Phoenix club off telly. As we walked in there was disco lights flashing and the final countdown blaring out. In the hour or so we were there we heard a few versions of Paper Roses (not Subo’s from 1989 though which i watched on youtube the day before) and Rod Stewarts We are Sailing which We are Killie (the naughty song) was sung along to.

We got back on the bus and headed to Hampden, after a quiet run up to Pollok, a few beers and such meant a noisy bus to our real destination. We got out on Battlefield Road with both mine and my mate Grants wives needing a pee and not fancying waiting til we got inside the stadium. We rocked into an Indian resteraunt which was empty save the owner reading the paper at a table. he allowed us to use the facilities and we enquired about a beer, he couldnt sell us one becuase we werent eating which made me think we should just order and drink and leave the food when it arrived. This idea was pretty much quashed by everyone and we said thank you and left.

The game was nervy and Ayr sat in for penalties, however this isnt a match report so I will just add that i sat shitting myself until the 109th minute (they took us to extra time) and Deano Shiels banged in what was the winner. Relief. The bus back was quiet again, relief really was the watchword for everyone i think, it would be the next day before i can say i was really delighted with the days football. On the bus back it transpired that my coupon was down owing to Huddersfield failing to win, closer than have been in a while. Back at the Burns’ a disco/karaoke started at 5pm, not long after we got in. It was brilliant, they played 2Unlimited and Eiffel 65, what more could you want? 90s classics all the way. Was a great laugh.

By 8pm the pub had cleared so we headed up to Bakers on John Finnie Street which was having a Killie party from 8 till 11 before it turned into its usual guise as a nightclub, DJ Ding was in charge of the tunes and they were fucking magic. Maybe the best time i have had in a nightclub in years. trainers on, folk in with Killie strips, flags on the walls and everyone smiling and singing along and dancing about like dafties. Natalie even nipped down to Shahs palace and got us some pakora which we ate on the steps before going back in for more dicking about. A tremendous end to a brilliant day, the wife and I staggered up the road for around 1am when i decided to microwave some popcorn and burnt it to the bag. Still ate it though.


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