Been a wee while since was last on here writing. Done a fair bit of everything since last posted. Like, eh, like, got my wife pregnant for one.

Also done some other stuff and if i get the finger out i will write some stuff up here. Got a recap of a thing i did 3 years ago started, probably finish that and post it and them i might  try catch up on some more up to date stuff. Like, you know, the upcoming parenting stuff and a few gigs i have done in past wee while.

In the meantime, here is a picture of some great graffiti i saw in Gatehouse of Fleet. On one brick it says “I ❤ SMACK” (embarrassed a wee bit i used the arrow and the three to make a love heart there) and on another brick it says PHALLUS. A great word. Took me back to university where Andy Walker and I discussed its power as a putdown. Surely better and withering than calling someone a dick? Maybe not.

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