Me versus the 50×5 Challenge

Inspired by an friend of mines Herculean effort last year at this event I have decided to undertake it myself this year. I will update my progress every wee while on here. Hopefully I will be getting quicker as the days go on, maybe I will see some strange things on my travels when out running (I once saw a Hoover under a bridge in the middle of the countryside) and when I do I can report it here as a wee record of my effort. Some stuff will surely happen in the next fifty days you would think.

In that thrilling intro I neglected to actually explain what the event actually is. Of course its name is the name of the post 5×50 challenge and it is a running challenge to run 5 kilometres every day for 50 consecutive days. You can do more in a day of you want but the minimum is 5k. I like running, I ran a half marathon last year, so as a different type of challenge I have decided to give this one a bash. I have even set myself a target of a sub 20 minute 5k. Dunno if that possible for a guy like me but we will find out. I also have no idea why such a target is important to me and why I want to achieve it but its a goal nonetheless.

Ordinarily you do things like this for charity and get sponsorship along the way, I won’t be doing that, I will pay my registration out my own pocket (which goes to comic relief I think) and that will do. If you do want to contribute in some way as a mark of recognition of what I am doing then if you don’t mind donate to the Dylan Duff appeal. Thanks.

So without further ado, here we go:

Day 1

Having said i was going to give this a shot it was only in the evening i actually decided to go though with it. By this time on Easter Sunday I had ate two huge courses at my mother in laws and had three bottles of beer so not exactly the best condition to be going for a run. But you either start on the start or you dont bother so i went and flung on my running gear and headed out assuring myself that i wouldnt spew my ring on the route. Its been a long long time since i have been out running at night, I think the last time i misjudged the road back into Kilmarnock and ended up running along the bypass to Irvine (which is hilarous if you know the roads in and around Killie but completely redundant if you dont) and that was about five years ago. I prefer to run in the early evening in the light or preferably in the total daylight of the day oddly enough. I tried to keep out of the way of cars and such by going around the Grange estate but it turns out 5k is further than you think so i had to run into the main part of the town a bit past some pubs (which it seemed were mobbed since it was Easter Sunday (the new Christmas)) which could have been embarrasing if someone shouted or tried to scant me or something.

Why i think that that would ever happen is quite worrying.

I get back up the road and have to ring around the streets surrounding to get it up over the 5k and no more. My belly is aching and i have brought up a little sick in my mouth but mostly my chicken balmoral, profitoroles and budweiser stay in the tummy where they belong. The challenge has begun and John Speirs has booted it in the baws with his first run. Well done me. In total i did 5.09 km in 28.17, but did 5k in 27.47 because i had my old phone with the wee running app that i use as a mp3 player (not ipod, gadz) in my hand counting down the 0.01s of a km out of curiousity. Time isnt important tonight though, its about getting started.

Day 2

Told a lot of people that i have taken up this challenge today. No one seems to give a fuck. Jokes on them though as i will talk about it quite a lot and like or not they will have to listen. Got sent home early from work so went to get my wife and kid at my parents house and left my shitey old VW Polo there so i could run back later to get it. Went and saw my old granny with Cody then up the road, fed Cody and we played under his rainforest type toy thing, i dont really know what it is, he doesnt have a clue whats going on, we had fun though. I then ran down and it turns out the distance from my house to my mums isnt anywhere near as far as what i thought and doesnt come close to 5k, improvising but not nearly as well as i did on day 1 i eek it out by running up and down their cul de sac and through someones drying area. I did do a lap of the Howard Park though, that was quite nice and exited through an exit i dont ever remember seeing in the 25 years i have memory of being in and around the Howard Park. I also went up a lane to come back down seconds later, that was embarrassing, hope noone was looking out their window and wondered what the big guy who runs weird was doing.

It all worked though because i clocked in 5.07km in a much faster time of 25.26 with the 5k being done in 25.07. Faster than day one but without so much food or bevvy sloshing about that was a gimme. Gona try and get under 25 mins on a regular basis first off, see how that goes, before getting my times shaved further. Getting rid of my chins would be a nice byproduct too with the summer months coming in. Bikini body and all that. Need to have a wee think about my routes i think.

I will be back in a few days, or a lot of days depending on if i have much to say, with more thoughts on the challenge. Cheers for reading down to this full stop.

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