About John

John is a big tall skinny guy with specs and grey flecked black hair which he insists in brown, who lives with his wife and son in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

He spent three years at college doing a two year engineering course, then years later got a Cinema degree. Lived in Canada for a year (2009-10) where he shared a football pitch with Zinedine Zidane and sat three rows back in a cinema from Ivan “Ghostbusters” Reitman and Jason “Juno” Reitman who were at the cinema together incidentally. We were all watching Steven Soderburgh’s The Informant! Soderburgh wasn’t there though sadly. Mores the pity as in recent years John has decided that Magic Mike is one of his favourite ever films.

Though Soderburgh hadn’t made it then though so not such a big deal.

He has eaten MacDonalds in pretty much Every country he has visited except for Tunisia and Cuba because there wasn’t any in those places.

He writes this, plays football occasionally, has run two half marathons, enjoys fantasy baseball and has sporadically done stand up comedy for the past four years.

He is married and has a son which is actually mentioned above already but it kind of feels like it should be highlighted here too as these were major landmarks in his life.

Nose and fingers are the only bones he has broken so far in his life. He has got some cool scars from a stiletto heel which hit him right on the hairline at the front of his head while on a bouncy castle when he was 22 and also one on his nose and back of head where he got bottled in the shopping mall which saw him get enough compo to go on holiday to Ibiza and Florida. Good going really. Oh and he also once bruise his calf muscle and the blood around said muscle which saw him need a walking stick while in 4th year at school (because the arsehole Doctor wouldn’t sign off on a much cooler crutch) and one day he was sent home because the assistant head thought it looked sore.

wpid-imag2055.jpgEarlier this year he met Dominic West from the Wire and was surprised by his English accent and colour of trousers, conversation was almost nil mind you. None the less it was a huge buzz and he instantly text his pals about it and the man who was Jimmy McNulty agreed to get his photo taken with John and his son. This wasn’t the most famous person he has had his photo taken with as him and his wife met Subo outside the pictures in Glasgow after a screening of Only an Excuse.

He can also drive a forklift truck. But just a reach one, not a cantilever.

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