Me Versus 5×50 Challenge: Part 3

Day 11 till well, till today.

Day 11

The success of day ten and the first sub 23 minute run was the lack of traffic on the route. My route on day 11 had traffic lights and motors so was slowed down considerably as i ran around the streets in the nearby. I got the run in though and thats the main thing, i count these days as rest days so i can push it harder on other days. What with there being NO actual rest days in this challenge.

Day 12

I feel the biggest set back of todays run was the fact that becuase I wouldnt get dinner to much later my wife came through with a wee plate of mexican party food things before we jumped in the car to visit her mum in Prestwick (who had fell down the stairs and hurt the ligaments in her foot actually). The set back was indigestion sadly.

See I was actually looking forward to my run once i heard the news that my mother in law had taken a tumble down the stairs (was it her insistance on wearing high heels indoors that done it?) as it meant we would go down for a visit and i would get to test my wits (and running ability) against an old favourite route from when i lived down there and never had a gps type phone app that told you distances and times and things. The route is from the roundabout heading in along Monkton Road, out past airport to caravan park at end of the golf course, along a bumpy road then right along the goal course/coastline at beach before making up the rest to eek it out to 5k.

I started out well but tailed off as the wee spicy bites came back on me. Dont get me wrong, it wasnt terrible. Under 24 minutes, but could have been so much better. Plus i didnt find out how the injury happened. Will try that route again though in the next week or two. One thing that shows up on the map for my run is that Prestwick airport is called Alamo Prestwick Airport and I have no idea why.

Day 13

Since i play football on a Friday it will always be difficult to get my run in. Last week i ran home, this week my wee boy wasnt feeling himself so after football i just drove home and helped out, and as such had to go my run once Cody had fell asleep. That happened about half 9 so I headed out for a run at 9.40 on a friday night! Was actually a bit apprehensive about this and put my earphones in without anything playing in case i got jumped. I have a quite active imaginaiton, but ultimately its a negative one, i spend most of my runs turning over in my head how i would deal with the worst of possible situations while out jogging and in this instance it was how i was going to avoid getting battered.

I kept to well lit areas and ended up running out to the hospital, for one, because i knew that there would probably be no one on the pavement going that way, and two if there was and they leathered me i was close enough to a&e to get fixed up pronto. Smart thinking. Nothing happened though and i returned home for my second shower of the day.

Day 14

Due to a packed schedule I decided to for the first time split up my run to get things done while on the way and save me some grief later on. So i ran out to Crosshouse village (or is it a town?) pressed pause on the running app, popped into Coral bookmakers, put my football coupon on, unpaused the app, and ran home.

Day 15 and Day 16

Decided to just write about these together as although the times werent bad I am completely miserable about the whole thing, I have got in my mind shin splints. Andy Cole and the old Liverpool right back Rob Jones suffered from those, i dont really know what they are but my right shin seems sore, logic to me is that i might be getting it. My ankles hurt a bit too, and my left calf. My dad showed me that there is a charity organised run in the Dean Park on Sunday (day 22) though so i think I will hold on and do that, see how i feel after that. Be good to compete and hopefully run past people and get a half decent time to cheer myself up.

Day 17

Its amazing how a good day can turn your attitude to thus whole thing. As I have described in last few days I was completely scunnered, sore and getting a bit depressed at my lack of progress. But today I posted a time of 21 minutes and 5seconds and I am over the moon and in the cheeriest of moods. Shaving a good minute and a half off my last quickest time and nearly getting under 21 mins has completely flipped my mood. Peaks and troughs right enough.

It shouldn’t have happened like this, I woke up with aching shins, calves and hamstrings, to combat it a bit i wore tubigrip around my right calf before moving it up to my knee as i was unsure where was actually sore. I went out on the run just hoping to get it finished and home without being too painful. However with a first k just over 4 minutes i was bouyed. My second k was slower but i felt i was going to be under 25 minutes so an improvement on the past few shite days so i kept on going. Kilometre 3 and four were faster than the first and i was getting excited that I was going to crack it. For this run i ran from Tesco in the town centre out to Scott Ellis, up onto Glasgow Road into New Farm a wee bit before down past College and Grand Hall (which was louping with young folk because as i learnt later Enter Shikari were playing (which actually brings about all sorts of questions actually about why they were in Killie, but….)) then past the Halifax (which used to be Managrove, remember that?) down the town and up the Irvine Road via House of Chou (to keep out of the wind a bit) Seems a fair distance actually. I Managed to keep the to smaller climbs and more flat areas which probably reflects in the time, the Irvine Road most likely accounts for the slow last split. But fuck it, you do what you can. I am very proud of what i done tonight.

Day 18

Woke up with what feels like a huge knot in my hamstring. It doesnt hurt when i move or anything but it is quite sore to touch. I fire on the tubigrip again today but quickly decide to move it up onto the hammy in case it is something. Its funny about the positive mood i mentioned above, in days before I was considering quitting and wondering if I was going to get injured now I am back in the swing and working out how i dont let this knot affect me. When i got home i had a wee look in the mirror and found that the knot is actually a bruise. I have no idea why i am bruised. But i have done lots of things with bruises so i went out running anyway.

On my favourite route it seems I head out toward Knockintiber before nicking off down the back road to Onthank and scrambling up the embankment onto the cycle path again, shaving about half a k and bringing the finish line closer to my house. I didnt hold out much hope for today, just an easing out but a quick first k had me chasing another quick time, a similar speed in the second k and was clocked at about 8 mins 20 secs which was brilliant. Unfortunately i slowed right down after that and finished around 23. Not terrible (good actually, considering what i was aiming for) at all. Met Wullie Seaweed head out on the cycle path, we acknowledged each other with a wave and a smile, no chat. Two men on a mission. I remember he fell down a dug out hole in the sand we hid under his towel in Benidorm. That was a laugh.


I will fill these in tomorrow when i have time. Dont suppose they matter to anyone reading right now, you might not have even read this far having been bored to tears with the 1400 odd words that go before it……

A Diary in 53 Parts: part 4: Week 3

Where i went jogging and fended for myself for one night.

Sunday 15th January.

Following a brief 4 hour overtime shift where i buzzed away with my earphones in I went for my first jog of the year (first jog as a married man actually) and did so again with my earphones in. I have quite large earholes i think becuase i have to use the types of earphones which go over your ear to stay secure. What with that and my glasses its quite a busy couple of places that are the sides of my head on these occassions. I find that normal wee bud earphones just fall out and I am commonly found consumed with jealous rage when i see people walking around listening to their music or whatever and their wee lugs are in complete control. Worse still are those who do this and have the cable flapping around outside their clothes, even the over the lug ones i use have to have the cable secured within my clothes. Might have a wee think and see if i can come up with something that serves us speccy/huge earholed folks better that the dragons on dragons den might fancy investing in.

I am rambling, I went one of my favourite runs, a wee half hour job through Knockintiber and along the cycle path. Saw plenty of dogs and never doubled back once. Im getting brave. Natalie made lasagne for dinner which we ate with baked tattie and garlic bread. Bloody love lasagne.

Monday 16th.

Had lasagne again for dinner, this time with chips.

Tuesday 17th.

More lasagne tonight, though it was just a wee starter because there wasnt much left. I dont complain though because its a rare thing the old lasagne in our house. Went and watched the mighty Killie play Dundee in the cup replay at night and was delighted when they managed to pap them out in normal time. I dreaded the thought of extra time and penalties more for the time i would get in after walking up the road rather than the prospect of getting beat and not progressing through in the Scottish Cup. Must be getting old. Stomped up the road and resisted the urge to go into the petrol station for something to eat, when in the house i found out that the wedding video highlight reel type thing had been uploaded to the videographers youtube channel so that was nice, had a wee look at that. You never know, he might drum up some business using my big face as an advert. though more likely is the use of my gorgeous mrs.*

*she sits beside me watching Hollyoaks as i tap this out.

Wednesday 18th.

Natalie goes away tomorrow morning so this Wednesday I sat about and watched her pack her bag up. While watching i decide to temporarily replace wikipedia on my facebook page since its been shut down due to internet court casey things or something. While working on that i managed to solve such queries as “who has the bigger head, me or Jose Mourinho” and “why cant men multitask” and “why do men pee standing up” everyone left happy, it feels good to help.

Thursday 19th.

Natalie leaves for the airport at about half 5 and i dont really get back to sleep, lie in bed reading what American folk on the west coast are sayin as its still late at night at their end, same pish everyone talks really, I decided it was time to get my twitter account followership up and over the 150 hump too so posted a pathetic facebook begging note. I then got up for work.

This is my big day for fending for myself, Natalie is off to her sales seminar down south and I am left to my own devices, to make my dinner when I get in and all that crap. My big plan was to cut a swathe through my sky plus planner, maybe get into double figures on the % front. It all seemed so easy.

Mostly though the evening disappeared without much note, i watched a few things and dicked around on the laptop. wrote last weeks blog entry and left another pleas for twitter followers. Managed the 150 which was nice, thanks if anyone reading was in that number, a minor victory but a victory none the less. As the evening wore on it dawned on me that i would have to make my own pieces for work on Friday. Yes, i am aware that i am well kept and very lucky to have my lunch made for me but the mrs really is quite the piece maker. My effort wont match up sadly, plus i never really tried, it makes sense at the time not to put too much effort in becuase it saves time, however, when you are on your lunch break and you unwrap a roll and philadelphia cheese nothing is more depressing. Anyway, for dinner i had chickpea dhal out a tin with boil in the bag rice and i fell asleep on the couch so pretty much i lived like a king.

Friday 20th.

Natalie came back today but i was at work, I played 7 a sides after that which was decent. When i got in natalie filled me in on her day in England before falling asleep, probably becuase while i was making my shite pieces she was in a nightclub, not that i am jealous though. While she kipped i applied for some jobs online.

Saturday 21st.

A lie in today but not much of one. Babysitting in the morning before football in afternoon. We watched Alladin and played with My Little Pony, was great fun. Forgot to change my fantasy football team which is pretty annoying, need to not do shite in my work league, too much pride at stake. Football when i got there was absolutely fucking garbage, 3 nil versus Dunfermline was pathetic. Makes me nervous about the semi final upcoming next Saturday against the yahoos. Went for a few beers afterwards with Davie to the Kadikoi though which was nice however my coupon picking hasnt got any better from last week. Natalies mum and step dad came up for a indian take away at night and we watched African Nations football and Take Me Out, tried something new from the Indian, bit mild but spiced it up with the more adventurous in laws red hot sauce. Big diddys were in plentiful amounts on the telly and Take Me Out had lassies with big bosums too. Ha.