A Frustrating Likeness 2

Guess Which One

Another month another cracking lookalike. It seems tall and gawky with spectacles automatically makes people think of me. The added feature to hammer home the point in this particular one is the huge head of hair which is sort of like what i am sporting right now as i swither on whether to get my hair cut or finally grow out my Sam Elliott in Roadhouse hairdo which is a dream I have had for more than a while. Roadhouse is probably one of my favourite films and Wade Garrett and his fucking awesome hairdo is makes up for quite a large percentage of that. Now all i need is a bit more grey and roughly 18 months and i will be well on my way, sadly the facial hair might let me down….

Wade Garrett - Idol

But anyway, the lookalike was from this video by Temper Trap of a song called Love Lost, both of which i have never heard of but a friend of mine saw fit to post it on my facebook and i thought i would share it here. Its actually pretty good.

 Oh, theres me, far left, Jock Speirs looking right out at you even before you press play.