A Diary in 53 Posts: part 1: 2011

Decided for the umpteenth time to try to keep some sort of diary. Makes sense really because my life is from day-to-day jam-packed with fascinating stuff. I mean take today, I went the food shopping (though I call it “the messages”) then spent over an hour on the phone with sky trying to get my broadband speeds up. Its action like that that I think should be documented and here could be the place to do it.

Though i have been here before, i have written about four days worth and gave up or forgot or such but as i am now 30 i feel my maturity at such an age brings with it the discipline to keep it up, and my plan is simply to write once a week on a Sunday about the week prior, what with the year kicking off on a Sunday it all seems to fit. One post a week for 52 weeks, year done.

Plus this one which will point out all the “pure mazing” stuff i did last year and whet the appetite somewhat, you know like this photo.

So without further ado and in no particular order….

  • Got married in November to my favourite girl of the past 8 or 9 years.
  • went to Cuba on honeymoon and saw more Lada’s than i thought i ever would.
  • While in Cuba felt more out of my depth in a cigar shop than i ever have in a lingerie shop.
  • Bought fifa 12 for my ps3.
  • Turned 30 and had a barbecue to celebrate.
  • Saw Scotland dick around on the same pitch as Brazil at the Emirates.
  • Travelled to London for said Scotland game on a bus filled with folk from Greenock.
  • Went to Magaluf for three days for my Stag do.
  • Got dressed up as a horse one night there (along with 14 pals dressed as jockeys) and was sat on by countless holiday making fat lassies.
  • Drove my shit heap car down to Biggar for a wedding.
  • Listened to the last five minutes of the Champions league final in my ship heap car in Biggar because wedding was same day as the game.
  • Bought and happily wore on a few occasions (says it quietly) chinos.
  • sacked my ESPN subscription when they lost the licence to show NHL ice hockey
  • Gigged twice at The Stand Comedy club in Glasgow.
  • Gigged at The Sports Bar at Rugby Park and had a great chat with Scottish comedian Stu Who? who gave me some career pointers.
  • In two of these three gigs i got folk to laugh at my fear of seagulls.
  • Met and had my photo taken with Subo ie. the photo above.
  • Had my first night out in Edinburgh.
  • went off roading in a big Land rover discovery which i was brilliant no bad at.
  • won a fancy glass from Tennents lager for having a sly dig at the tayside polis in their great cities competition.
  • Got Wham!’s greatest hits on CD.
  • Played my first game of 11 a side football in years and scored a goal.
  • Had a can of Dragon Soup.
  • Well, half a can, that stuff would rot yer teeth as soon as look at ye.
  • Watched Man vs Food for the first time and vowed to get my picture on the wall of some eating establishment due to my eating prowess.
  • thought long and hard about writing a book about my love of beans on toast.
  • Took my then fiance to see the Bluetones in their farewell tour.
  • Turned my backdoor from a dumping ground apocalyptic site of ruin into something a bit tidier.
  • Did i mention i got married?

Plus hundreds of other stuff, basically you get the gist, got married and turned 30. If i think of anything more i will add it in, not that anyone will notice or care but for totality, for completion i will come back and throw it in. It’s just what i am like.

All this serves as an introduction to my ho-hum life in 2012, it now remains to be seen how many weeks i manage to report back on……I wish myself the best of good luck.

Cheers for reading.